Daisy has Puppies
7 purebred Newfoundland Puppies

Watch a Slide Show History of Daisy and the Puppies
Music written and performed by
Andy Gowan (guitars) and
Tom Lewinson (keyboards)

Puppies Start Leaving for New Homes

Paul & Linda
Bye Nike!

Nancy & Rob
Bye Ozzie (now Otis)

Sharon & Glenn
Bye Hommer (now Angus)

Lorraine, Matt, Gabriel and Julian

Bye Jake

Laurie, Frank, Marah & Shawn
Bye SirusBear

Congratulations Debbie and Mike Berrier
Bye Moe

Congratulations Bea and Chris
Bye Abby

Sorry, All of our Puppies are Sold

Puppy Photos

Zero to 3 days old

7 to 13 days old

16 to 19 days old

20 to 25 days old

26 to 27 days old

28 to 30 days old

31 to 33 days old

34 to 38 days old

39 to 42 days old (how cute can we get !!)

43 to 46 days old

47 to 51 days old

52 to 58 days old

59 to 71 days old

72 to 75 days old

76 to 84 days old


85 to 94 days old


Daisy Photos

The Father (Marcarpents Rimshot)

Daisy's Parents



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