Daisy (the mother)

Daisy's Last Year's Web Site (2004)

Born: January 12, 2004

4 males, 2 females.

2 Black and White (Landseer), 4 Very Rare Grey & White (Landseer).  All absolutely beautiful puppies !

Daisy (the mother at 3 months old)

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The Great New Families

Goodbye Buttercup (formerly Misty)
Congratulations Marianne, Andrew & Patricia

Goodbye Tank (formerly Donald)
Congratulations Heidi & Robert

Goodbye Tank
Congratulations Cathy, Paris, Leighanna & Russell

Goodbye Tobias (Formerly Twinkie)
Congratulations Lori & Vance

Goodbye Otis (formerly Cletus)
Congratulations Kristen, Robert, Alec and family

Goodbye Oreo
Congratulations Andy, Jennifer, Ian, Colin and Heilien


The Ottawa Citizen Article - Feb-23-04
(Ottawa's primary Newspaper)


Click Here for Keys to Telling the Puppies Apart (New)  

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