About Marcarpents Daisy

Born: January 9, 1999


Daisy came home to our family at the age of 8 weeks and was purchased from Marcarpents Kennels. She is our one and only 4 legged house pet (we also have marine fish).

We had visited many Newfoundland kennels over a 2 year period before we bought Daisy and found Marcarpents to be a diamond of a find. The kennel conditions were excellent, and the owners Nina and Mark had a real compassion for what they were doing.

Our instinct proved to be correct, as Nina and Mark have continued to be involved with helpful guidance and information. In turn, we feel that Daisy's puppies deserve the same support from us, long after they've left for their new homes.

Daisy's pedigree is solid championship stock, as is that of Champion Marcarpents The Rowdyman who was the stud for this litter. Daisy has never been shown, however, one good look at her, and it is clear that she could knock off a Championship with ease.

This is Daisy's second litter. The first litter was born on December 29, 2002 and consisted of 7 puppies, 6 male and 1 female. All puppies were black, due to Champion Marcarpents Rimshot not possessing the recessive Landseer gene (the black gene is dominant).

All 7 puppies live in excellent homes in North America including Iowa, Michigan, Vermont, Washington Ontario and Quebec.

Rimshot, the stud for the 1st litter being a big boy (185 lbs), it is was of little surprise that his puppies would be rather large, however, it was certainly not expected that he would produce a puppy which would weigh in at 200 lbs before his 1st birthday !!!

Daisy weighs 135 lbs which is large for a female, . Rowdy is a big boy at approx. 155 lbs.

Interestingly Daisy and Rowdy had 4 Grey and White puppies. These are extremely rare, since they can only be produced by two dogs, both of which carry the double recessive grey and white gene (which is very uncommon).

Anyways, these are absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly rare puppies. We are primarily interested in finding a good home for them, not in making extra money, so we are selling them for the same price as the black and white puppies (which are equally beautify)