How to Tell the Puppies Apart

I've prepared a helper to identify the puppies. Many photos, its difficult to identify then, however, here it is. I've put the same thing up on the web site so you can refer to it.

Grey and White Puppies: Misty (Girl), Cletus, Donald, Twinkie (Boys)

The Black and White Oreo (Girl) and Tank (Boy).

Twinkie has a small white spot in the middle of his grey saddle spot on his left side. His face has a little bit more grey on his left side (right as he's facing you), and he has a bit of grey which shows on his right shoulder when he's facing you..

Cletus has a white stripe on his right side. Cletus's face is easy to pick out since he has only a thin white stripe on his face .

Misty have the most white on both sides  and had a small grey spot on her left side of her snout (right as you're looking at her)  

Donald has an extra 2 grey bands on his back. Hi face has a little more black on the right side than the left (opposite of Misty). (Donald on the right).

Tank has a Saddle across his back (PICT1187.JPG) and his face has more black on the right side than the left (PICT1203).

Oreo has a more white on the right side of her face (PICT1283.JPG) and has a zig zag black mark on her back which doesn't cover her left side (all white on the left) (PICT1151.JPG).